Ginny Bedell Photography

Welcome to My Photo Gallery

I became actively involved with digital photography in 2004. My first camera was a Canon A75 point “n” shoot. After lots of practice and participation in on-line and field-experience based workshops, I progressed to a DSLR in 2005. I presently use a Canon DSLR and post-process with Lightroom, Photoshop and assorted plug-ins.

Membership in local camera clubs, attending Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings related to post-processing and participation in a monthly image critique group help me to further develop my craft and art of photography. Additionally, reading books and articles associated with creating stronger images and attending local and out-of-state workshops help to keep me fresh and further my vision.

Eliot Porter’s photography has been inspirational to me! So, my images are generally more intimate than global in nature. You’ll see many intimate landscape images in my galleries, but I also enjoy shooting close-up and abstract images.

The photographic elements and principals of design, I have learned, are essential to composition. I also acknowledge that my images are reflections of life’s experiences. So, thanks to all who have contributed and continue to contribute to my photographic journey.

I hope you enjoy viewing my images. Share your thoughts and impressions with me by clicking the Contact option on the menu.

May the photographic light always be in your favor,